How local governments can deliver exceptional customer experience


Technology has changed the way we communicate with each other. The anonymity and accessibility provided by internet has opened the floodgates of behavioral data like never before. Companies have been trawling social networking sites for quite some time now and governments have joined the bandwagon.

The biggest challenge for optimum utilization of social intelligence is the enormity of the data. Many of the local governments are not equipped to analyze the vast data inflow and hence it goes underutilized. Most of the local governments use the online platforms to push their message through instead the intelligence can be used to improve local governance by involving the communities into the governance process. This intelligence can be utilized to make necessary infrastructural changes, departmental improvement, grievance redressal and involving people in the development of their local communities. Thus achieve true democratic statehood.

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Preeti Sinha

Preeti is passionate about customer excellence and people development. She is a avid reader, sunday historian, goes for horse riding & camping whenever she can. She volunteers for humanitarian causes and is a strong advocate of women empowerment and economic empowerment