Voice of the employee: The key to improving customer experience

Customer service

Surprisingly, only 25 percent of Customer Experience professionals say their company’s CX programs actually improve customer experience. That’s according to Forrester Research, who recently hosted a webinar on the importance of creating a formal Voice of the Employee (VoE) program as one method of effectively impacting an organization’s customer experience.

The idea is that while many companies have formal processes in place to mine customer feedback, these often lack insight into the true root causes of service failures. But, by being intentional about collecting employee feedback (as well as customer feedback), organizations can more effectively tap into the full ecosystem of their customer experience, uncover root causes, and develop more meaningful, impactful and lasting solutions.

there are four tasks an effective VoE program should accomplish*:

1.)   Collect feedback from employees systematically – Whether it be an employee survey, comment box, intranet/social media comments, verbal feedback or “implied” feedback (such as attrition rates), the goal is to collect feedback regularly, and make it effortless for employees to give feedback.

2.)   Uncover root causes of customer experience issues – Integrate employee feedback with other sources, such as customer feedback, to get the full picture and uncover the true root causes of bad customer experience.

3.)   React to feedback and solve issues – Collaborate with employees to prioritize the identified issues, develop solutions and implement them.

4.)   Explain how employee feedback is used – A key part of keeping employees engaged in any VoE program is to close the loop on how their feedback is being used. Employees want to know their voices are being heard and see that their feedback is making a positive change.

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