The four essential elements of a “Winning” team

These are the four essential elements of a winning team:


Vision –  “set the vision first.” The vision sets the course for the entire organization and needs to be developed, and more importantly, shared, before evaluating any other area of your operations.

Team Players – having the right teammates on the football team contributes to its success. the focus shouldn’t be on having the most skilled players. Instead, the focus should be on the element of teamwork and individuals who believe in the team’s vision. Organizations rise to the top when everyone believes in the overall vision. Recruiting and hiring employees that believe in the vision and values of your organization and then exhibit the desired behaviors is essential for the ongoing success of your business.

Leaders – everyone is a leader. Beyond having the right players on the team, also have innate leaders. Leaders take it upon themselves to build commitment to shared success. Job title or position does not matter. Leadership should be fostered within all roles and functions of your team.

Loyal customers– The customers are the heart and soul and are central to the well being of your organization. Your employees feel the motivation coming from loyal customers. However, loyalty is a two-way street, and, just as sports fans support their team through wins and losses, your team must look to turn customer service losses, or service recovery moments, into customer service wins.

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