Why are emotional relationships key to exceptional customer experience


Have you ever heard the saying: “Aim for your customers’ hearts, not just their heads.” In other words, move beyond simply making transactions with your customers; create relationships with them.

In the article, “Customer Satisfaction Doesn’t Count,” the Gallup Organization stated that “if you do not make an emotional connection with customers, then satisfaction is worthless.” This research proved that customers do not buy strictly for rational reasons; it is much more important to engage customers on an emotional level.

Additional research also suggests that organizations that optimize this emotional connection outperform competitors by 26 percent in gross margin and 85 percent in sales growth. In fact, emotionally engaged customers are:

  • At least three times more likely to recommend
  • Three times more likely to re-purchase
  • Less likely to shop around
  • Much less price sensitive

Positive emotional connections will ultimately drive the length and frequency of that customer’s engagement with your organization. It’s why we believe the power of service lies in its ability to create an emotional connection rather than a purely rational connection.


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